I was impressed by Francesca Matteoda’s integrity, speed and professionality, therefore I decided to turn to her for part of the translation/revision process of a book that was pending. After delivering the tasks assigned to her, I was struck by her commitment and by the relevant questions she asked in order to achieve more than satisfactory results. Without a doubt, of the four people I had chosen to translate/review several chapters of the book, Francesca was the most professional and the one who provided the best quality, meeting the publisher’s demanding requests the first time round

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Dr Alejandro Celestino Pazos Sierra, MD. Master in Artificial Intelligence. Ph.D. in Computer Science & PhD in Medicine, University of A Coruña, Spain

I am a Spanish doctor who needed to translate various documents for authorisation to work in the UK. Francesca readily available and professional at all times; she worked quickly and producing accurate translations, which was very helpful during the process

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Dr M.ª Goretti Morón Nozaleda, Psychiatrist

Francesca supplied translations from Spanish, Portuguese and French into English to the translation service at Bayer in Leverkusen for eight years. It was always a pleasure to work with her and to receive her thoroughly researched and extremely well-written translations. I also greatly enjoyed our discussions of the finer points of medical translation. In short, an excellent resource for the discerning customer.

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Karyn Bosslet, former Pharmaceutical Coordinator for Translation Services at Bayer Business Services GmbH

Su consiglio di un mio collega, mi sono affidata a Francesca per la traduzione certificata da italiano ad inglese dei documenti per EPIC e GMC. Francesca è molto disponibile ed ha sempre rispettato i tempi concordati. Il servizio è offerto è rapido, competitivo ed accurato e le traduzioni sono state accettate il 100% delle volte senza problemi!

Francesca was recommended to me by a colleague for certified translations from Italian into English of the documents requested by the GMC and EPIC. Francesca was helpful and always delivered on time. She offered a quick and accurate service at a competitive rate and all the translations were accepted without any problems.

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Dr Laura Marandino

Ho tradotto il mio certificato di laurea e di specializzazione con Francesca e mi sono trovata benissimo, rapida e molto professionale. Assolutamente consigliata!

I had Francesca translate my university and specialisation degrees and was extremely pleased; she was quick and very professional. Absolutely recommendable!

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Dr Lisa Bianco